Asset Tracking & Recovery

*This catalog is still being populated in the coming days, please check back shortly or reach out to us directly with any questions*

Introducing our exclusive product collection, these surveillance and counter-surveillance devices are designed exclusively for the Law Enforcement, DoD, and Intelligence Communities. This selection of products is not available to the general public, they are truly unique and exclusive to those in the line of duty.

We understand you have unique needs, which is why we have created each item to provide the best possible solutions for every situation that requires a unique approach. Our solutions are designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, allowing our clients to carry out their duties with the utmost confidence and success.

We are proud to serve those who serve us, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in every item we offer. DoD/LEA/MIL clients receive customer support 24/7 & priority fulfillment for custom equipment, we are available when you need us.

Some of the products you will find below are currently being deployed around the world by different agencies, all of which belong to the Five Eyes, products are currently being used to investigate serious crimes, subjects of interest, and many other situations that require unique strategies for the collection or disruption of intelligence. 

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