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Introducing the robust WTX1 wildlife audio surveillance transmitter.

Audio recordings made from free-ranging animals can be used to investigate aspects of physiology, behavior, and ecology through acoustic signal processing. The WTX1 acoustic monitoring solution allows for continuous remote data collection and can serve to address questions across temporal and spatial scales.

This wildlife audio surveillance transmitter will broadcast live ambient and surrounding audio over a distance of 700 to 1000 metres through thick bush and vegetation, to any UHF receiver system (portable or stationary, including Software-Defined Radio receivers), it operates on a variety of power options and can transmit audio 24/7 for upwards of 40 days uninterrupted.

This transmitter was developed with wildlife researchers and Ecologists in mind who require discreet acoustic monitoring and data collection through a method that eliminates human presence and habitat disruption.

The WTX1 audio surveillance transmitter is housed in a watertight and weatherproof protective case, with an optional external waterproof omnidirectional microphone for simultaneous live listening & recording, with ingress protection ratings up to IP67.

This is a permanent "hot-microphone", a magnetic reed switch is used to activate this transmitter. Removing the exterior magnet will begin live ambient audio transmission on your issued UHF frequency, reattaching the magnet will stop audio transmission.  

Power Options



Li-Ion 12V/9300mAh = 930 Hours Of Continuous Operation (40 Days).



5.12In x 5.12In x 2.48In Deep.



100Hz ~ 20kHz Panasonic: Analog Microphone Electret Condenser. 

Directional Characteristic: Omni-Directional

Sensitivity: -7.0 ±4 (0 dB = fs/Pa@1kHz).

Signal to Noise Ratio: 78 dB Typ. at 1kHz.

Max Input Sound Level: 101 dB SPL Typ.

Weight 540g
Output (RF) power  16mW
Antenna 110mm: Shielded, 1mm NiTinol.
Frequency Range

430MHz-439 MHz, 2.5 kHz step.

Effective Range 15m From Centre. 
Stability  Highly Stable. Crystal Referenced Phase-Locked Loop.

00k/ASK Data Transmitter.

The WTX1 has several pre-drilled holes which can be used to attach the transmitter enclosure to trees, alternatively, the enclosure can be strapped securely around different objects using industrial Zip-Ties or steel cable.