The traditional method of safeguarding mobile devices by enclosing them in Tupperware or steel containers falls short in providing comprehensive protection against data and intelligence leaks. Employing techniques like playing music or random speech to mask potential recordings proves insufficient as well. Audio waves can permeate various substrates, allowing for not only the retrieval of intelligible audio from recordings but also their potential reverse engineering, filtering, and amplification to enhance the captured content. It's crucial to recognize that remaining out of sight does not equate to being out of mind.

Our Ultrasonic Jammers use distinct signals to distort and safeguard conversations from eavesdropping devices, deactivating AI "assistants" and microphones. Unlike conventional jammers that rely on white noise, ours use inaudible sweeping ultrasonic waves across a wide frequency spectrum, inducing significant microphone and recording equipment distortion.

These sinusoidal waves provide a highly effective disruption method that outperforms existing digitized "white noise" technology. Unlike white noise or overlapped audio jammers, our waves can't be reverse-engineered or eliminated with audio forensic software.

We specialize in proximity-based deployment rather than long-range interference, ensuring comprehensive suppression of microphone activity during sensitive conversations. HushBox Sentry is deployed in nine countries, trusted by Fortune 100 companies for asset protection.

Since its launch, we've offered an $8,000 reward to anyone who can extract intelligible audio from the Sentry, including experts, engineers, and users. This reward remains unclaimed.