Ultrasonic Microphone Jammers

Our diverse line of Ultrasonic Jammers prevents microphones from secretly listening and recording your private conversations. Traditional methods like using Tupperware, steel containers, or even Faraday boxes for mobile and electronic device security are outdated and ineffective against data leaks, a practice still seen in major organizations and government bodies. Similarly, attempts to mask conversations with music or random noise are insufficient, as audio can still be captured and potentially enhanced, especially with audio forensic technology.

It is important to understand that technology has evolved rapidly. Background apps can now covertly listen and record audio, hot-microphones can be activated remotely from anywhere on the planet. Audio waves can permeate substrates, and they can even be inadvertently captured by vibration off many surfaces.

Our Ultrasonic Jammers introduce a revolutionary solution with our Differential Gain Control (DGC) mechanism that targets microphone vulnerabilities to block unauthorized recordings and microphone eavesdropping by using powerful ultrasonic waves. Unlike traditional jammers that use white noise, our jammers emit sweeping ultrasonic waves that are nearly inaudible to take advantage of non-linearity in microphones, safely causing major disruption to recording devices and microphones without the possibility of being countered by audio forensic technology.

Our jammers provide unmatched security for sensitive discussions, trusted worldwide by privacy-focused individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

In a world where your words can be weaponized, "silence" is your strongest shield.