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The inception of the HushBox Sentry arose from the critical need within secure environments, such as embassies and high-security zones, for a comprehensive solution to counter surveillance and securely house mobile and electronic devices. Upon activation, the HushBox Sentry floods its designated container with a massive array of ultrasonic waves, leveraging our sophisticated Differential Gain Control (DGC) mechanism integrated into its cutting-edge hardware. This mechanism precisely modulates gain coefficients across different frequency bands, amplifying transmission power and bolstering overall performance. By effectively disabling microphones within each electronic device, the HushBox Sentry ensures the prevention of unauthorized recordings, even in the presence of background applications.

Since the Hushbox is an enclosed jamming system, despite its awesome power, it is 100% silent. 

Elevated Audio Security with Ultrasonic Jamming Technology

The HushBox Sentry embodies cutting-edge anti-recording technology, delivering robust protection against unauthorized audio recordings and intrusive eavesdropping devices. Crafted as a secure repository for mobile and electronic devices, the HushBox Sentry utilizes advanced ultrasonic jamming technology to neutralize microphones with unparalleled efficacy. With a focus on portability, durability, and operational strength, the HushBox Sentry ensures confidentiality in sensitive environments.

The HushBox Sentry integrates ultrasonic jamming technology, akin to our Case model, to disable microphones within electronic devices. This technology floods the container with sweeping ultrasonic waves, leaving no chance for intelligible audio extraction or filtration. Unlike traditional methods, the HushBox Sentry offers comprehensive protection for every device placed inside its Pelican 1510 enclosure.

Key Features:

  • Secure Repository: Designed to accommodate dozens of mobile devices, the HushBox Sentry serves as a secure repository for confidential meetings and high-risk discussions where several parties are involved. 
  • Advanced Transducer Array: Employing 62 high-power transducers, the HushBox Sentry ensures comprehensive jamming coverage for all devices within its enclosure.
  • Enhanced Confidentiality: Audio captured from within the HushBox Sentry remains unintelligible and impervious to recovery attempts using leading audio forensic software.
  • Exceptional Design: Encased within a rugged Pelican 1510 enclosure, the HushBox Sentry combines strength and functionality for reliable performance in diverse environments.

The HushBox does not create white noise, instead, it disrupts the initial signal processing of microphones by interfering with the microphone's ability to convert sound into electrical signals in real-time. This interference occurs at the fundamental level of signal conversion, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for audio forensic software to reconstruct the original audio signal from the jammed output.

Operational Strength:

The HushBox Sentry harnesses the same ultrasonic jamming technology found in our Case model, providing a resilient and expansive focal beam. With its robust construction and powerful transducer array, the HushBox Sentry ensures unmatched performance in countering unauthorized recordings, since the HushBox is a contained jamming array, we have increased the dB output.

Technical Specifications:

  • Interference Intensity: 62 Ultrasonic Emitters × 140dB.
  • Advanced Transducer Array: With 62 internal transducers, the HushBox offers a powerful and expansive focal beam to counter unauthorized microphone use effectively.
  • Remote Control: Activated effortlessly through a surface-mounted chrome switch or wirelessly via remote control, ensuring convenient operation.
  • Extended Power on the Go: Powered by a 36,000 mAh rechargeable battery array (Magnetic Charging), the HushBox ensures an extended runtime. It also features an external OLED battery display indicator for real-time monitoring.
  • Multi-Device Activation: Multiple units can operate in unison on the same remote, allowing simultaneous activation for enhanced coverage.
  • Differential Gain Control (DGC) Technology: Utilizes sophisticated DGC mechanism to assign distinct gain coefficients to signals, enhancing performance and amplifying transmission power.
  • Weight: 11.99 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  22.00 x 13.81 x 9.00 in

Safety Precautions:

Adherence to safety precautions is crucial for responsible and secure utilization of the HushBox Sentry. Users should avoid contact with water, extreme temperatures, and areas with high humidity to maintain optimal performance and longevity. Please refer to the included documentation for safe utilization of your HushBox.

The HushBox Sentry represents a remarkable stride forward in audio security technology, seamlessly combining portability and unparalleled effectiveness. Currently deployed in 21 countries, it provides an unbreachable level of protection for asset safeguarding strategies in embassies, businesses, and corporations worldwide.