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Custom 5 Transducer Series-X Jammer (V2) , Butyl Rubber dipped housing. 9V Operated.

This innovative & pocketable jammer features a new amplifier that significantly boosts the output of ultrasonic waves, enhancing the effectiveness in disrupting and disabling microphones and AI assistant devices, this jammer will run for several hours on a single 9V battery. It is important to note that in order to achieve 100% jamming, strategically place the jammer near the target device within several inches or directly on the device's microphone, this method will ensure the target device is completely jammed. Following this deployment method will guarantee jamming of the target device. You will not be able to jam microphones or electronics from across the room (except for some AI systems). Some AI devices can & will be inhibited completely, however, if range is desired, utilizing more transducers in an array (larger jammers) or several jammers simultaneously allows for extended range, enabling successful jamming attacks from a greater distance, this is achieved with our larger jammers.

The primary purpose of the Series X Jammers is to ensure privacy and security by neutralizing microphones and AI functionalities. They are particularly useful in scenarios where sensitive conversations or meetings take place, mitigating the risk of potential eavesdropping or unauthorized recordings. Unlike other conventional "white noise" technologies, our Ultrasonic waves provide a highly effective disruption method, rendering microphones inert within a given area, this is accomplished by sweeping a range of ultrasonic frequencies thousands of times a second, each model we offer operates this way.

This jammer will work against a wide range of AI-enabled products, including Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, Echo, Sonos, and various vehicle smart assistants. Whether it be smartphones, smart devices, or even vehicles equipped with AI, these jammers can effectively disable their microphone functions with 100% efficacy if targeted correctly. You can test this by prompting the AI device with its wake command until it no longer is able to respond or “hear” you. If you disable a single microphone, you will disable all other microphones in the system.

With the Series X Jammers, we have prioritized ease of use and versatility. These compact devices, designed to fit in the palm of your hand, are suitable for rapid deployment and can be powered by a 9V li-ion battery.

The Series X, in its many variants, have been widely adopted by organizations worldwide, especially those seeking to safeguard their intellectual property and ensure confidential conversations remain private. Their effectiveness lies in their ability to suppress recording capabilities in electronic devices and digital recorders.

TLDR: Placing this Ultrasonic Jammer in front of microphones in different electronic devices will completely disable the target device & microphone's ability to record any intelligible audio.