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(Blood-Red/Black Pattern/Red Backlit chrome switch).

Point/Place & Jam. This is a bespoke air-brushed Cricket Jammer, an early release of our new Jammers dropping next week. This is a 1x Transducer dual-wave Ultrasonic Jammer pumping out Sinusoidal + Square waves simultaneously, this dual wave approach creates an extremely effective jamming signal purposed for use against the new Iphone 15 (and virtually any other microphone across other electronics) the jammer is housed in a tactical pocketable enclosure. The entire unit is 3D printed with top of the line Biomedical grade & Nylon resin in a 80/20 ratio, offering a flexible but very durable enclosure. This Jammer is activated via a top-side LED illuminated chrome latch switch, it uses an internal rechargeable 9V battery for operation (Supplied) but an alkaline 9V can also be used, these units have a nice weight to them (124g).

This innovative jammer features a new built-in amplifier and wave generator that significantly boosts the output of both ultrasonic wave patterns, enhancing the effectiveness in disrupting and disabling microphones and AI assistant devices, this jammer will run for several hours on a single 9V battery. It is important to note that in order to achieve 100% jamming, strategically place the jammer near the target device within several inches or directly on the device's microphone, this method will ensure the target device is completely jammed. Following this deployment method will guarantee jamming of the target device with 100% efficacy. You will not be able to jam microphones or electronics from across the room (except for VA/AI systems which are highly susceptible to ultrasonic jamming). Most AI devices can & will be inhibited completely in the presence of ultrasonics. 

The primary purpose of this jammer is to ensure privacy and security by neutralizing microphones and AI "Virtual Assistant" functionalities of YOUR personal devices. They are particularly useful in scenarios where sensitive conversations or meetings take place, mitigating the risk of potential eavesdropping or unauthorized recordings from background apps. Unlike other conventional "white noise" technologies, our Ultrasonic waves provide a highly effective disruption method, rendering microphones inert, this is accomplished by sweeping a range of ultrasonic frequencies thousands of times a second, each model we offer operates this way.

This jammer will work against a wide range of AI-enabled products, including Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, Echo, Sonos, and various vehicle smart assistants. Whether it be smartphones, smart devices, or even vehicles equipped with AI, these jammers can effectively disable their microphone functions with 100% efficacy if targeted correctly. You can test this by prompting the AI device with its wake command until it no longer is able to respond or “hear” you. If you disable a single microphone, you will disable all other microphones in a system that is relying on multiple listening features to operate.

The Cricket is a silent Jammer.