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The FLTX is an overt variant of our V1TX, the primary difference being the protective potting of the transmitter is coated with a thick UV fluorescent finish, allowing for night-time identification, FLTX is designed for unparalleled performance, this audio surveillance transmitter operates as a permanent, always-on "hot-microphone," initiating live transmission of ambient and surrounding audio immediately upon battery insertion. It seamlessly operates on the Ultra High-Frequency band, ensuring uninterrupted transmission. V1TX is now available with a new high-powered crystal generating 20mW of RF power, ensuring superior frequency stability and delivering enhanced audio sensitivity.

Measuring a mere 32x28mm when fully mounted, with a slender thickness of 0.8mm and weighing less than 12 grams, the V1TX may be compact, but it delivers exceptional capabilities. It generates a formidable RF power of over 20mW, enabling continuous audio surveillance for an impressive duration of 25-30 hours.

In challenging urban environments, the V1TX boasts a broadcasting range of 500 meters, extending up to 1 kilometer with Line-of-Sight (LOS) transmission. It effortlessly penetrates obstacles such as concrete, drywall, and dense foliage, ensuring reliable audio transmission to any UHF receiver.

Powered by a single button cell battery, this transmitter is the perfect choice for discreet acoustic monitoring of areas of interest. We recommend utilizing any handheld UHF receiver capable of tuning into the standard frequency range of 400MHz-434MHz. For optimal performance, we suggest the BAOFENG UV-5R as our recommended handheld receiver. Your V1TX will arrive with its designated Tx/Rx frequency clearly indicated on its back.

Power Supply 1x CR2032 (3v) : 25-30 Hours Of Continuous Operation.
Dimensions 32mm x 28mm x .8mm
Microphone CUI: 100 Hz ~ 20 kHz Analog Microphone Electret Condenser Omnidirectional (-42dB ±3dB @ 94dB SPL)
Weight 14g
Output (RF) power  20mW
Antenna Alpha Wire 8 in. Micro Coaxial Cable 33 AWG 
Frequency Range

433MHz-436 MHz, 2.5 kHz step.

Effective Range 15m From Centre. 
Stability  Highly Stable. Crystal Referenced Phase-Locked Loop.
Crystal 00k/ASK Data Transmitter.