Custom Covert Surveillance Transmitters

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TinyTX can create custom audio surveillance devices to meet your operational needs. We have built custom transmitters for agencies all around the world disguised as objects you would never suspect. Your imagination will be the only limitation here.

Creating covert transmitters embedded into everyday objects is our specialty, with the release of our newest ultra-small transmitters, the possibilities are now far greater as to what we can embed and conceal, a plethora of customizations are available to turn your device into a very capable surveillance unit. 

We can conceal surveillance transmitters in some of the following objects (just to name a few and offer some inspiration);

•K9 Vests




•Wall Outlet

•Power Strips/Surge Protectors



•Picture frames 


•Key Fobs

•Cigarette packs


•Flashlights/O-Lights or other brands




•Office furniture 




•Thermos/Coffee cups

•Digital Watches



•Plush & stuffed animals 

•Mobile phones (iPhones)

•Faux flower arrangements (transmitter is actually embedded within the flower stem)

These are just a few examples of what we have transformed, but the list of potential objects for covert embedding is endless. If you have a specific target object in mind, we will make it happen for you. We are exceptionally talented at turning anything into some sort of audio surveillance device which exceeds your expectations. 

Please complete the quote form and we will get back to you promptly, the more information you provide, the better we will be able to understand your needs and in turn, offer you a product that performs exactly as expected (Think of desired surveillance time, does it need a switch? does the switch need to be discreet? Remote activated? body-worn? etc..) 

Please read the following carefully.

Every custom audio surveillance device has a lifetime guarantee to help serve you better. TinyTX will not charge you for repairs to your custom transmitters should the need arise. Your inquiry is handled with the strictest regard to confidentiality, NDA's are available at your request.