Travel Folio Silent Jammer (9V/Series S)

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For Impromptu Meetings & On The Go Protection.

Here's a quick video.

Create a safe zone anywhere. This is a discreet 25 transducer Series S Jammer tucked inside of a classy leather travel folio, 9V battery + tactile switch is contained within, all three open sides offer protection with their own array, and the three arrays operate in unison, emitting silent ultrasonics. 

The Series S generates true white noise using sinusoidal waves for precise ultrasonic frequency modulation without frequency shift. Previous jammers like the Series X uses pseudorandom modulation and is prone to ultrasonic leakage due to frequency shift, this creates a distracting audible buzzing that limits their covert usability. 

The Series S Jammers are far more effective and nearly inaudible to humans, sinusoidal waves are also more effective at omnidirectional speech protection, offering greater coverage and reach without a direct line of sight to the target recording device. The Ultrasonic waves being emitted safely offer an effective disruption attack which is far greater than any other digitized “white noise” technology on the market (commonly known as "Ramblers") which can be dissected and defeated using audio forensic software.  

The Series S jammer will also completely disable smartphone microphones - including Iphone/Android devices, & just like the Series X, Series S is also capable of completely disabling voice-control and smart home/AI assistants, across several major technology manufacturers and platforms. If it utilizes a microphone to hear your commands, this device will disable it, this includes Google Nest products, Amazon Alexa, Echo, Sonos, Vehicle smart assistants (Toyota, Tesla, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Mazda) virtually any smart device or vehicle AI currently on the market.

We designed our Jammers for rapid deployment, capable of operating on a 9V li-ion battery (readily available on Amazon) or Alkaline 9V.  These devices protect you from being recorded by completely suppressing covert and plain-sight eavesdropping devices and digital recorders. The intended use of this device is to be placed directly near devices prior to sensitive meetings and conversations or within several meters.