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Up For Grabs products are unique one of a kind covert and overt specially made jammers and audio surveillance transmitters, some are prototypes prior to a full run offered product. UFG’s ship free same or next-day (tracked). All necessary parts/components/cables are always supplied with the product you are purchasing, allowing you to run the device you purchase straight of the packaging. 

Current UFG

USB-C rechargeable 30 transducer Ultrasonic Jammer running on 10600mAh LiPo battery, with a built in coloured LCD battery display. It is indeed a tiny monster, this jammer is very “Loud” and is capable of jamming audio/video at a much greater distance. This device can also be used as a backup battery bank & in the very rare case a situation calls for it, as a spot welder with the supplied cables.

This jammer offers 3 different power options, each providing a different level of ultrasonic output, via the on-board USB, 9V, or through direct AC using the provided plug/adapter. 10600mAh battery charges via USB-C in under 3 hours for portable ultrasonic jamming.