Additional Speech Protection Strips

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These additional transducer array strips can be attached in parallel to your existing Speech Protection Strip Jammer, simply plug the male DC power jack from your additional array to the female socket of your current transducer array strip, there is plenty of cable lead supplied to ensure adequate distance between jammers. Each strip has a built in male and a female DC socket on opposite ends for additional arrays. 

Up to 3 separate standalone arrays can be purchased and attached together running in parallel on the same driver, offering you a very flexible & expandable jamming solution in tight spaces. These strips are intended to be placed underneath tables within offices and meeting rooms and purposely installed facing the seating area of your meeting attendees and clients. This Jammer targets mobile phones and recorders sitting in pockets or tucked between a person's legs which may be secretly recording discussions without the recording device being in plain sight. The Speech protection strip may also be installed overtly based on your needs.

Each Jammer array strip measures (L) 15.7in, (W) 0.59in, (H) 0.39in.