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This is our most robust telemetry transmitter, suitable for study periods which extend for many years. Introducing the BTX30, it pushes the most RF power and is capable of pulsing 24/7 without interruption for an incredible amount of time, 8 years at 40 pulses per minute or 14 years at 20 PPM. This model uses the same LTC battery used for underwater studies & by NASA for the Pathfinder missions. LTC batteries offer incredible capacity with extremely low current loss of less than 1% per year due to self discharge. This telemetry & asset tracker is also suitable for use as a standalone transmitter which can be housed in a myriad of enclosures to meet your study needs, ranging from collars to glue-on applications for appropriately sized species not hindered by the weight. Because it is encapsulated and coated with bio-safe rubber, it may also be used as an implantable tracker for large fish (this model was initially made specifically for Sturgeon implantation). This transmitter is hermetically sealed with electrical resin, it is then coated in a bio-grade butyl rubber coating as to not cause adverse reactions on your animal of study. The BTX30 comes with a trailing "Super-flex" antenna and is activated by the removal of an external magnet.
*Like all of our transmitters, there is absolutely no access to the batteries/components contained within.

Technical Specifications

Classification VHF Radio Transmitter (150.000 - 151.000 MHz)
Transmitter Type Crystal Controlled 3-Stage
Pulse Rate/Minute 20/40 PPM
Pulse Width 15ms 
Operating time(Y) 8-14 Years
Battery(V) Lithium Thionyl 3.6V
Battery Capacity 19Ah
Typical Mass(G) 156g
Operating Temp(C) -60ºC to +80ºC
Antenna "Super-Flex" whip
Activation Removing external magnet
Encapsulation Water-proof. Electrical Resin + Black Rubber coating

If you require custom shaped transmitters or custom potting/encapsulation apart from the standard shapes/sizes/finishes we offer, a custom transmitter can also be made upon request with rapid turnaround.

Just like traditional VHF telemetry & Tracking Transmitters, this transmitter emits a steady radio pulse for the entirety of it's lifespan, VHF tracking transmitters can be picked up by receivers from extremely far distances using VHF receivers you may already be using in the field, for even greater RF output and signal strength, 3v models will always out-perform the 1.5v variants (the trade-off is size and mass). Specific frequencies are noted on your purchased transmitter or provided with your order.