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The traditional method of safeguarding mobile devices by enclosing them in Tupperware or steel containers falls short in providing comprehensive protection against data and intelligence leaks. Employing techniques like playing music or random speech to mask potential recordings proves insufficient as well. Audio waves can permeate various substrates, allowing for not only the retrieval of intelligible audio from recordings but also their potential reverse engineering, filtering, and amplification to enhance the captured content. It's crucial to recognize that remaining out of sight does not equate to being out of mind.

The HushBox Cabinet is a secure jamming enclosure for up to 48 mobile devices, blasting sweeping ultrasonic waves that safely disrupt the membranes of microphones leaving no chance for intelligible audio extraction or filtration. This innovative solution is a result of a custom request that we are now offering as an option for all of our clients, the cabinet is utilizing 52 individual high-power transducers to offer a comprehensive and total jamming effect covering all of the available mobile phone slots. This variant is intended to be used as a secure housing solution for mobile devices prior to meetings and high-risk negotiations and discussions. This is the same HushBox technology as our larger hybrid model but integrated into a stationary jamming solution to meet your business risk management needs.

This state-of-the-art Jammer effectively mitigates the risk of unauthorized audio recording through mobile phones, digital recorders, and virtually all electronic devices equipped with microphones, guaranteed.

The advanced technology integrated into the HushBox Sentry positions it as the optimal choice for security personnel, government agencies, and businesses aiming to ensure the protection of their confidential conversations and valuable intellectual property. We strongly advocate for the utilization of the HushBox Sentry cavity as a secure repository for mobile phones, recording devices, and other electronics prior to the commencement of any private or sensitive discussions, as well as confidential meetings. Once securely placed inside, activating the Ultrasonic transducer array within the HushBox Sentry can be easily achieved through the key-lock switch or the accompanying remote control. This innovative feature effectively neutralizes any potential instances of unauthorized audio recording throughout the entire duration of the meeting, reinforcing the utmost confidentiality.

Once activated, the HushBox Sentry emits high-power inaudible ultrasonic waves, delivering an impressive power output of 240W across two channels. By leveraging the physical properties of ultrasonic waves, which are unable to penetrate solid surfaces, these waves resonate within the HushBox Sentry, effectively jamming all microphones present within. This comprehensive approach eliminates the risk of audio intelligence leaks and renders any unauthorized recordings completely unusable.

It is essential to emphasize that audio captured from within the HushBox Sentry is unintelligible and remains impervious to recovery attempts using leading audio forensic software such as Phonexia, Foenics, Diamond Cut, Cardinal, and others. This exceptional feature further fortifies the confidentiality and security of sensitive information discussed, instilling peace of mind for individuals and organizations seeking to safeguard their invaluable assets.

*Since its inception and release, we have offered an $8,000 reward to anyone capable of extracting intelligible audio from within the HushBox Sentry, this includes audio forensic experts, audio engineers, penetration-testers, or current users of the HushBox Sentry. This reward remains unclaimed to this day. 

The HushBox Sentry represents a highly secure device, incorporating a lockable design to protect devices placed inside. It offers exceptional portability and presents users with the choice between plug-in and battery-powered configurations. With an impressive operating temperature range of -30°C to 55°C, the HushBox Sentry is engineered to perform reliably in diverse environments. Furthermore, the HushBox Sentry demonstrates remarkable durability, being both waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-resistant.

Should you require custom build options beyond the specifications mentioned above, we encourage you to contact us directly. The HushBox Sentry operates using a rechargeable 9.6V NiCad battery, and the latest iteration, V3.0, includes an integrated USB option. This USB-powered functionality ensures extended operating times, contributing to an uninterrupted user experience.

HushBox Sentry is currently deployed in seven different countries offering protection for multiple agencies and organizations, including three different Fortune 100 companies who choose to add an impenetrable level of protection to their asset protection plan. When safeguarding the integrity of your business during high-level meetings, the HushBox Sentry offers the level of protection that aligns with your organization's paramount requirements.