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The BTD93 is a small donut-like transmitter with a very unique shape, the centered hole is perfect for attaching this transmitter in a variety of ways to small species, it can be deployed as a necklace, through a collar, and even used as a glue-on. This model is activated by soldering the two external wires together, this activation saves you precious weight for studies involving extremely small species. Once the wires are trimmed to the desired length and soldered it will begin pulsing, in order to ensure the longevity of this transmitter and to limit interference it may have on the subject of study, we recommend using colostomy glue or hot-glue to tuck the external wires to the side of the donut. 

Technical Specifications

Classification VHF Radio Transmitter (150.000 - 151.000 MHz)
Transmitter Type Crystal Controlled 3-Stage
Pulse Rate/Minute 45/25 PPM
Pulse Width 15ms 
Operating time(D) 40 OR 65 Days
Battery(V) 393 1.55v Silver Oxide Button Cell
Battery Capacity 52 mAh
Typical Mass(G) 3.4g
Operating Temp(C) -20ºC to +40ºC
Antenna "Super-Flex" whip.
Activation By soldering OR removing external magnet (slight weight added)
Encapsulation Water-proof. Electrical Resin

If your require custom shaped transmitters or custom potting/encapsulation apart from the standard shapes/sizes/finishes we offer, a custom transmitter can also be made upon request with rapid turnaround.

Just like traditional VHF telemetry & Tracking Transmitters, this transmitter emits a steady radio pulse for the entirety of it's lifespan, VHF tracking transmitters can be picked up by receivers from extremely far distances using VHF receivers you may already be using in the field, for even greater RF output and signal strength, 3v models will always out-perform the 1.5v variants (the trade-off is size and mass). Specific frequencies are noted on your purchased transmitter or provided with your order.