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*This transmitter comes fully built and ready for use*

This is the thinnest surveillance device in the world, thinner than paper, extremely flexible, with no external antenna.

The FlexTx is a super flexible and ultra-thin variant of our surveillance card, with the same integrated PCB trace antenna that has been designed in line with the PCB. This transmitter utilizes 0201 SMD components, significantly reducing inductance and resistance throughout, this offers excellent signal and microphone sensitivity.

A very small Knowles omnidirectional microphone offers excellent audio pickup, with a very slim profile throughout, this transmitter measures slightly smaller than a business card & thinner than a sheet of A4 paper.

This is a permanent, always-on "hot-microphone", once the batteries are inserted the FlexTx will begin live transmission of ambient and surrounding audio without interruption on the Ultra High-Frequency band for 12 continuous hours.

For custom power options and unlimited surveillance time, we are offering this transmitter with and without battery retainers installed, allowing you access to the power supply pads for quick and easy soldering of your own custom battery/power supply.

The FlexTx will broadcast audio over a distance of 200-500 meters in a cluttered urban environment, up to 700 metres with LOS, through concrete, drywall and thick bush to any UHF receiver, it operates on two 7.9mm 1.55V button cell batteries

Use this transmitter to remotely listen to an area of interest that requires discreet acoustic monitoring. Because of its slim profile, this transmitter is capable of covert placement using double-sided adhesive (Alien tape or 3M works best), its extreme flexibility will allow for unique covert opportunities not previously possible with our fibreglass boards. 

We recommend any handheld UHF receiver capable of tuning into the 400MHz-434MHz range, this is a standard range in most UHF receivers. Our recommended handheld receiver is the BAOFENG UV-5R. Your FlexTx will arrive with its specific Tx/Rx frequency noted on its back.

Power Supply 2x 7.9mm 1.55V Button Cells (3v) : ~12 Hrs Of Continuous Operation.
Dimensions 3.3 “ x 2 “ X .007mm

100Hz ~ 20kHz KNOWLES: Analog Microphone Electret Condenser. Directional Characteristic: Omni-Directional
Sensitivity: -7.0 ±4 (0 dB = fs/Pa@1kHz).
Signal to Noise Ratio: 78 dB Typ. at 1kHz.
Max Input Sound Level: 101 dB SPL Typ.

Weight Without Batteries: 0.8g | With Batteries: 6.8g
Output (RF) power  14mW
Antenna Integrated PCB Trace Antenna
Frequency Range

430MHz-439 MHz, 2.5 kHz step.

Effective Range 15m From Centre. 
Stability  Highly Stable. Crystal Referenced Phase-Locked Loop.
Crystal 00k/ASK Data Transmitter.

TINYTX's transmitters are easily paired with any compact hand-held transceiver. Any Two-Way UHF Radio will work, but we recommend the BaoFeng UV-5R from FengBros. Fengbros has been our trusted supplier for the last year, they offer certified Baofeng radios at the most competitive price.

In order to maintain its longevity, the FlexTx comes potted with a UV compound that seals all onboard components. Only the microphone and the battery retainers are accessible and made visible.

Looking for something small and just as capable? The V3TX  is truly tiny, measuring only 13.9mm x 19.4mm x .8mm.