RTX1 OneWay Tiny UHF Broadcast/Surveillance Station

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This audio surveillance transmitter was inspired by several requests received from wildlife researchers. Inspiration was also drawn from transmitters we sent to Afghanistan, which were used as mini pirate radio stations to broadcast messages by resistance fighters navigating their way around the Taliban. Discretion is not the focus of this model.

This is the first transmitter in our line of products which utilizes a 3.5mm audio jack socket. This offers two options. First is the ability to swap any plug & play microphone on the market. The second is the ability to broadcast audio files directly from any mobile device or any device which accepts a 3.5mm jack (or headphone Jack Adapter). Apart from using this transmitter to monitor surroundings via the microphone, you can also broadcast any digital audio file using the 3.5mm auxiliary port over the transmission frequency, Morse code, looped messages, music, etc.

This is essentially a robust Audio Surveillance Transmitter which doubles as a mini on-the-go radio broadcast station. The RTX1 pushes roughly 20mW of RF Power & offers approximately 7 or 10 days of 24/7 monitoring or transmit time once the side push-button switch is engaged (another addition by request, on/off switch capability).

This unit is offered with a Saramonic SR-XM1 Omnidirectional Plug & Play Microphone.

*Internal battery is a CR123A lithium 3V or 2x AA batteries, batteries are not included.