Multi-Frequency Amplifier

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Robust & Portable 8-Band RF Signal Amplifier enclosed in an anodized aluminum shell with a built-in high capacity rechargeable 4000 mAh battery. Each band is independently selectable and can operate on its own, all 8 bands can also operate in unison via the DIP switch. Eight VCO oscillators are built-in, covering the following frequency ranges; 

1. (851-894MHz)

2. (925-960MHz)

3. (1805-1880MHz)

4. (2400-2500MHz)

5. (725-770MHZ)

6. (1570-1580MHz)

7.  (2110-2170MHz)

8. (2620-2690MHz)

Output Power: 30dBm @ 0.8W per channel.

Power Supply: 12VDC plug/internal battery + charger/12V vehicle charger.

Antennas: x8 matched antennas.

Unit Weight: .6kg

These units are built and assembled to RF specifications widely used around the world. Build/Lead time may increase depending on order volume, VCO’s cannot be swapped to meet custom frequency requests, if you require a specific frequency range please contact us.

The equipment is only for network security testers, wireless security researchers, and related research institutions for research and learning purposes only.