Series S Silent Ultrasonic Speech Protection Jammer

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The "S" stands for Silent.

Here’s a quick video.

Our latest Ultrasonic Speech Protection Jammers have been in the Research & Development stage for a few months now. This new Jammer variant has one significant difference over our Series X Jammer. The Series S generates true white noise using sinusoidal waves for precise ultrasonic frequency modulation without frequency shift. Previous jammers like the Series X uses pseudorandom modulation and is prone to ultrasonic leakage due to frequency shift, this creates a distracting audible buzzing that limits their covert usability. 

The Series S Jammers are far more effective and nearly inaudible to humans, sinusoidal waves are also more effective at omnidirectional speech protection, offering greater coverage and reach without a direct line of sight to the target recording device, we also went for a more aesthetically pleasing finish, using a fine mesh fabric in order to draw the least attention in public.

These highly capable Ultrasonic Jammers can fit in the palm of your hand, they operate on either battery or AC power and emit powerful Ultrasonic waves to thwart and disable the function of virtually any microphone. The Ultrasonic waves being emitted safely offer an effective disruption attack which is far greater than any other digitized “white noise” technology on the market (commonly known as "Ramblers") which can be dissected and defeated using audio forensic software. 

By creating an ultrasonic field around a given area, you can render all microphones disabled and useless while continuing your conversations privately. Recorders that are within range of a Series S jammer will not be able to capture actionable or intelligible audio, microphones are highly susceptible to ultrasonic noise, and because we are now modulating them in a specific way which is even more disrupting, audio that is captured cannot be reverse-engineered using forensic software (Phonexia, Foenics, Diamond Cut, Cardinal etc.) Instead, Recorded audio will be nothing but unintelligible jarring white noise. 

The Series S jammer will also completely disable smartphone microphones - including Iphone/Android devices, & just like the Series X, Series S is also capable of completely disabling voice-control and smart home/AI assistants, across several major technology manufacturers and platforms. If it utilizes a microphone to hear your commands, this device will disable it, this includes Google Nest products, Amazon Alexa, Echo, Sonos, Vehicle smart assistants (Toyota, Tesla, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Mazda) virtually any smart device or vehicle AI currently on the market.

For added protection and suppression, several units can be placed facing different directions for complete omnidirectional protection. Each transducer has a 90-degree beam field, utilizing several jammers will cause an overlapping field of suppression in larger areas.

We designed our Jammers for rapid deployment, capable of operating on a 9V li-ion battery (readily available on Amazon) or Alkaline 9V, but they are most effective when operating on 12V with the included adapter for the 12V Variant.

These devices protect you from being recorded by completely suppressing covert and plain-sight eavesdropping devices and digital recorders. The intended use of this device is to be placed directly near devices prior to sensitive meetings and conversations or within several meters.

*The Series S can be configured in any shape to meet your office needs, arrays can be elongated and disguised as soundbars, speaker boxes, office furniture, or custom to your specifications and office/vehicle needs.