Sentry ACS Guard | Microphone & Recording Suppression System

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The Sentry Guard is our first counter-surveillance system which employs several large ultrasonic arrays. They work in unison, emitting oscillating ultrasonic waves through 100 transducers split between 5 separate panels. Each panel is removable and can be re-positioned. This enables you to either run the unit as a standalone jammer - with all arrays facing the same target - or to extend each array and reposition it towards a specific target. The latter functionality is called ACS: Articulating Counter Surveillance technology. ACS makes the Sentry Guard an incredible asset to protect private boardroom discussions. With each array facing different angles of your seated guests, the entire system will allow a 90 degree sweep angle per array, providing a very wide area of coverage and protection.

The Sentry Guard runs on Mains power, but we have also optimized it for portability. Accordingly, this unit can also run on external USB Power with the included adapter. The entire system is remote activated and includes a safety key-lock master activation switch as a contingency.

We have also boosted the output power significantly. The unit houses a 240 W amplifier, pushing oscillating waves across all 5 panels ranging from 20Khz to 30Khz, a frequency sweep which targets microphones used by all major technologies. Despite all of this power, the Sentry guard remains almost completely silent, allowing for a present force of protection against eavesdropping and unauthorized audio surveillance without causing any distraction.

The Sentry Guard is meant for organizations which need large scale jamming to protect proprietary information, business knowledge and strategic decision making. This system is built to order. Entire lead-time from order to shipment is approximately 5 business days.