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The Series S Ultrasonic Jammer offers a sophisticated solution for protecting sensitive conversations and meetings against covert and plain-sight eavesdropping devices and digital recorders. This device utilizes sinusoidal waves to generate true white noise, resulting in a nearly inaudible sound to humans.

This technology offers superior omnidirectional speech protection with greater coverage and reach, without requiring a direct line of sight to the target recording device. The Ultrasonic waves emitted by the Series S jammer offer an effective disruption attack that surpasses any other digitized "white noise" technology on the market.

Moreover, the Series S jammer is designed to completely disable smartphone microphones, including those of popular iPhone and Android devices, as well as voice-control and smart home/AI assistants across various major technology manufacturers and platforms. This makes it an effective and versatile solution that can protect virtually any smart device or vehicle AI currently on the market.

Multiple Series S jammers can be positioned to face different directions, creating a complete omnidirectional protection system. Each transducer has a 90-degree beam field, and by utilizing several jammers, an overlapping field of suppression can be achieved for larger areas.

We have designed our jammers for rapid deployment, and they can operate on a 9V li-ion battery or Alkaline 9V. However, the Series S is most effective when operating on AC power with the included adapter or via the newly available USB-C power option.

The Series S jammer can be configured in any shape to meet your office needs. It can be elongated and disguised as soundbars, speaker boxes, office furniture, or custom-designed to meet specific office or vehicle requirements.

Overall, the Series S Ultrasonic Jammer is a cutting-edge solution that offers unparalleled protection against eavesdropping devices and digital recorders. Its intended use is to be placed directly near devices prior to and during sensitive conversations and meetings or within several meters of the target area.