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*Our newest jammer is a culmination of improvements and add-ons based on the last 12 months of feedback from our clients. This is our first factory manufactured omnidirectional Ultrasonic Jammer, finished in a sleek and highly portable housing that disguises the unit as a portable power bank.

Please note, the ShushBox Mini is not meant for long range ultrasonic jamming. In order to disable and thwart microphones at long distances the emitted ultrasonics would need to be modulated in such a way where discretion is no longer an option. This jammer is meant for discreet close proximity jamming, for boardroom & vehicle meetings and for on the go use where meetings and confidential information is shared outside of your regular environment.

Despite its compact size, this jammer is emitting plenty of ultrasonics between two selectable power levels. Here are some of the added features which have been requested over the last 12 months:

  • Appearance; Jammer is disguised as a portable power bank.
  • 1x 5V output power via USB (Jammer can actually be used as a power bank).
  • OLED power/battery level display.
  • USB-C Rechargeable.
  • 4000mAh 3.6V internal rechargeable battery, no external battery needed.
  • Compact size, entire unit measures 140*65*22mm.
  • Remote Control capability (433mhz wireless remote).
  • Ultrasonic waves are emitted from 3 different angles offering 320 degrees of interference.

In the Box: 

  • 1x Ultrasonic Jammer.
  • 1x Remote Control.
  • 1x USB-C charging cable.

For larger rooms or for wider ultrasonic reach, consider deploying several units or any of our other larger array jammers in unison with the ShushBox Mini. Like all of our jammers, the ultrasonic waves being emitted safely offer an effective disruption attack which is far greater than any other digitized “white noise” technology on the market (commonly known as "Ramblers") which can be dissected and defeated using audio forensic software. 

By creating an ultrasonic field around a given area, you can render all microphones disabled and useless while continuing your conversations privately. Recorders that are within range of a ShushBox Mini will not be able to capture intelligible audio, microphones are highly susceptible to ultrasonic noise, and because we are now modulating ultrasonic waves in a specific way which is even more disrupting, audio that is captured cannot be reverse-engineered using forensic software (Phonexia, Foenics, Diamond Cut, Cardinal etc.) Instead, recorded audio will be nothing but unintelligible jarring white noise.

The ShushBox Mini is a limited run product for the time being, there is no lead-time for order fulfillment. Contingent on manufacturing & supply chain, we cannot reserve units for future purchase.