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This is the ShushBox, an innovative ultrasonic jammer that is the result of extensive feedback from our clients over the past year. This jammer is designed to be highly portable, with a sleek housing that disguises the jammer as a common portable power bank.

It is important to note that just like all of our offered jammers, the ShushBox is not intended for long-range ultrasonic jamming. Long-range jamming is not the focus here, as for this purpose, the emitted ultrasonic waves would need to be modulated in a way that would heavily compromise discretion. As most conversations worth protecting happen within close proximity to you and your guests, our focus instead relies on overt protection without drawing attention. This jammer is specifically designed for close proximity jamming and offers a nearly inaudible ultrasonic signature. ShushBox must be placed within several inches of microphones, up to three devices can be jammed along the three sides of ultrasonic arrays on the jammer; this offers mutual protection for you and your guests, this also makes it ideal for boardroom and vehicle meetings as well as for use on-the-go use when discussing confidential information outside of a regular environment. 

Despite its compact size, the ShushBox Mini emits a powerful stream of ultrasonic waves across two selectable power levels. Additional features that have been added based on customer feedback include a 5V output power via USB (the jammer operates as an actual power bank) OLED power/battery level display, USB-C rechargeability, a 4000mAh 3.6V internal rechargeable battery, remote control capability (included 433mhz wireless remote), and the emission of ultrasonic waves from three different angles that offer 320 degrees of interference.

For larger rooms or wider ultrasonic reach, it's recommended to deploy several ShushBox units or other larger array jammers in combination with this device. As with all of our jammers, the ultrasonic waves emitted by the ShushBox offer a highly effective disruption attack that far surpasses other digitized "white noise" technology on the market (commonly known as "Ramblers"), which can be easily defeated using audio forensic software.

By creating an ultrasonic field around a target, the ShushBox Mini renders all microphones disabled, allowing for private conversations to be carried out securely. Recorders that are within the range of this device will not be able to capture intelligible audio, as microphones are highly susceptible to ultrasonic noise. Moreover, the modulation of ultrasonic waves in a specific way makes it impossible for recorded audio to be reverse-engineered using forensic software such as Phonexia, Foenics, Diamond Cut, or Cardinal. Instead, the recorded audio will be nothing but unintelligible, jarring white noise.

The ShushBox is a limited run product currently available for purchase, please note that the availability of units is contingent upon manufacturing and supply chain considerations, and we are unable to reserve units for future purchase at this time.