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Audio intelligence is just as crucial as video intelligence.

There are throwable cameras, and they are often deployed in times where a less subtle tactical approach requires the immediate need for rapid deploy situational awareness, but what about throwable microphones?

Here they are, these rubberized small throwable surveillance microphones offer an excellent advantage for room clearing, they are slightly weighted, and offer immediate acoustic surveillance when deployed in the field with plug & play operation. They are meant to be rolled and thrown tactfully. Everything is self-contained and embedded within the ball, there are no LED’s or switches, the antenna and board are all custom to specifics required for such an oddly shaped surveillance transmitter, without compromising function.

ThrowTx transmitters are all 14mW in RF Power, each ball has an accessible replaceable battery (CR2032 Button Cell) which will provide approximately 30 continuous hours of audio surveillance to any UHF receiver, an internal helical antenna will provide an adequate range for operational use. When ready to be deployed, the two halves twist in opposite directions to open a series of teeth which allow audio to be picked up by the internal omnidirectional microphone.

Just like all of our transmitters, the ThrowTx can broadcast audio through concrete and drywall, between several rooms, in times of peril where police & military need more ears in a room, and when fractions of seconds of audio intelligence can make massive differences, this throwable audio surveillance transmitter will prove to be an essential part of many emergency response kits.

Extended transmission range is not the main focus of this transmitter, although 500m is still an impressive range for such a small device, the intended applications are for when a situation requires a rapid deploy solution that offers instant situational awareness in the form of a live ambient audio feed, from any room or area of interest.

The transmitter is shockproof, avoid intentionally whipping at hard surfaces. Operating frequency will be noted and provided with every transmitter you receive.

Here is a quick example of what this device is capable of.

TINYTX's transmitters are easily paired with any compact hand-held transceiver. Any Two-Way UHF Radio will work, but we recommend the BaoFeng UV-5R from FengBros. Fengbros has been our trusted supplier for the last year, they offer certified Baofeng radios at the most competitive price.

*The ThrowTX capsule design has changed, we have taken your feedback in regards to the housing being too difficult to open once it is closed, the new throwable housing solves this issue, thank you for your feedback.