TIRMV4 IR/Visible Strobe Beacon Disc

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Identification, Friend or Foe.

Invisible infrared + visible spectrum beacons and markers are a pivotal component to night operations and no-light/low-light training. The TIRMV4 is a robust variable strobe IFF beacon disc and covert marker which utilizes 15 940nm IR LEDs as well as 15 ultra-bright Red/Blue LED's for the Visible light model, these beacons offer several hours of operating time via 3x AAA batteries, with an IP67 rating to withstand inclement weather. 

These Beacon discs are throwable, waterproof, crushproof & magnetic. The solid neodymium magnet enables you to attach the disc to the sides or back of vehicles. The fold-out hook provides hands-free use and an option to attach to Molle or other straps/netting.

Visibility: 15 "Ultra-Bright" LEDs with 9 different flashing modes, allows visibility up to 1 mile at night and up to half a mile during the day (IR will be detectable at farther distances) ensuring that you are seen and that whatever is marked via the IR disc is capable of being recognized.

The TIRMV4 has 9 user-selectable flash patterns to choose from;
#1 - Rotating: 12 hours
#2 - Quad flash Strobe: 20 hours
#3 - Single blink Strobe: 23 hours
#4 - Alternating blinks: 14 hours
#5 - SOS Steobe (Morse code): 12 hours
#6 - Steady on-high: 7 hours
#7 - Steady on-low: 33 hours
#8 - 4 LED's: 10 hours
#9 - Top LED's: 10 hours 

The Red/Blue Police Beacon has a constant-on low/high Red light mode.

These selectable flash patterns are available regardless of the IR band/LED Color of the beacons we offer. We have chosen 9 patterns that we think will serve many unique scenarios, the TIRMV4 is suitable for use as an individual personnel beacon as well as asset identification and for friend or foe applications.

Battery Cell: 3 x AAA batteries
Environmental Seal: IP67 rating 
Item Weight: 190 grams
Housing Color: Orange Rubberized/transparent
Switching Type: Rubberized Push Button
Lamp Type: 15x Ultra-Bright LEDs
Material: High Impact Polymer
Color Frequency: 940nm/Red+Blue/Green
Viewing Angle: 
360 degrees

There are no indicator lights within the Infrared model to indicate the beacon is active, indicator lights defeat the purpose of a covert marking device as well as unnecessarily deplete the battery.