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The WTX4 wildlife AST is a hybrid alert + audio surveillance system, offered in a heavy-duty IP67 enclosure.

This transmitter is activated via motion detection by an external PIR sensor, running on a high capacity 18650 internal battery and charged by exposure to ambient natural light through the solar panel.

The WTX4 will alert you when motion is detected by immediately transmitting live ambient audio of the surrounding area in which motion is detected, live audio will be broadcast throughout the duration of motion, if motion ceases, the transmitter will broadcast its surrounding audio for an interval of 30 seconds and then go back to sleep until it detects motion again.

This is essentially a motion alert system + audio surveillance combined, this paired technology allows you to not only receive an alert in the form of a signal but also offers the capability of immediate ambient audio of the target area in which motion is present by either human or wildlife presence.

Rain or shine, snow, sleet, hail, or wind, the WTX'4's enclosure is designed with UV-rated thermoplastic alloy to withstand the elements day in and day out.

•24/7 transmit capability.
•Internal 18650 2500mAh rechargeable battery
•Solar powered recharge circuit
•Internal 16mW audio surveillance transmitter
•External waterproof omnidirectional microphone
•External dual-band whip antenna
•External micro PIR motion sensor (120 degrees)
•External & internal master switch
•Extreme Broadband outdoor IP67 enclosure
•PCB/circuitry is all internal

This device is capable of transmitting audio approximately 500-700 meters from its location (.311-.435 miles) to any UHF handheld radio receiver. 

This transmitter was developed with wildlife researchers and Ecologists in mind who require discreet acoustic monitoring and data collection, through a method that eliminates human presence and habitat disruption, the motion sensor will reduce unwanted transmission until triggered, and is capable of running 24/7 via the solar panel re-charge circuit.

The WTX4 is also perfect for monitoring properties with problematic wildlife and can be considered a tool for use in asset protection on farms with high rates of coyote predation on livestock. 

Alternatively, the WTX4 is an excellent remote surveIllance device for use in the remote monitoring of den sites.

This transmitter has also been used to alert hunters of potential game crossing over hot zones, the reason this device is advantageous with regard to video alert systems is the technology used to alert the user in combination with a live audio feed. UHF signals fair very well when obstacles are present, this includes tree lines and thick bush. The minimal tools needed to receive audio/alert transmission makes this device an excellent choice, all that is needed is a handheld UHF radio.

The WTX4 is housed in a watertight and weatherproof protective case, with an optional external waterproof omnidirectional microphone for simultaneous live listening & recording, with ingress protection ratings up to IP67.

A PIR motion sensor switch is used to activate this transmitter with a 5-10 meter induction distance (when motion is detected).

Power Options


24/7 transmission, external Solar panel + internal re-charge circuit (Li-Ion 3.7V/2500mAh)



9In x 6In x 3In Deep.



100Hz ~ 20kHz Panasonic: Analog Microphone Electret Condenser. 

Directional Characteristic: Omni-Directional

Sensitivity: -7.0 ±4 (0 dB = fs/Pa@1kHz).

Signal to Noise Ratio: 78 dB Typ. at 1kHz.

Max Input Sound Level: 101 dB SPL Typ.

Weight 540g
Output (RF) power  16mW
Antenna Dual-band shielded VHF/UHF antenna.
Frequency Range

430MHz-439 MHz, 2.5 kHz step.

Effective Range

Induction Distance: 5-10m from the sensor.

Microphone: 15m from the center. 

Stability  Highly Stable. Crystal Referenced Phase-Locked Loop.

00k/ASK Data Transmitter.

The WTX4 has several quick-mount rails which can be used to attach the transmitter to trees, alternatively, the enclosure can be strapped securely around different objects using industrial Zip-Ties or steel cable.