SOI Asset Trackers & VHF Transmitters

Whether for monitoring subjects of interest, tracking wildlife, or used for security of remote equipment, our VHF radio transmitters are crystal controlled, two & three-stage designs pulsed by a CMOS multivibrator. VHF Transmitters are easily turned on and off using a small magnet, they are small, robust and extremely lightweight, these boards and transmitters pulse a carrier wave continuously, ranging anywhere from 12-4000 days. 

Just like traditional VHF telemetry & Tracking Transmitters, these transmitters emit a steady radio pulse for the entirety of their lifespan, VHF tracking transmitters can be picked up by receivers from extremely far distances using VHF receivers you may already be using in the field, for even greater RF output and signal strength, 3v models will always out-perform the 1.5v variants (the trade-off is size and mass). Specific frequencies are noted on your purchased transmitter or provided with your order.