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Craftsmanship Note: Crafted with precision utilizing Multi-Jet Fusion Printing with PA-12 Nylon Resin and dyed black, the Firefly Jammer showcases a high quality sand-blasted finish, housed in a rugged enclosure that harmonizes aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. 

Prevention of Wiretaps and Electronic Signals:

Our jammers utilize ultrasonic technology, rapidly oscillating across specific frequencies to directly interfere with a microphone's signal processing capabilities. Unlike white noise jammers, which emit random noise to disrupt recordings, our jammers target the initial signal conversion process in microphones. By disrupting this process, they prevent intelligible audio from being processed, rendering any attempts to reverse the jamming effect futile with audio forensic tools.

Firefly 1 and 2 are Not Meant for Covert Jamming.

It's important to emphasize that our jammers are not intended for covert jamming purposes. Ultrasonic waves require direct interaction with electronic devices to disrupt microphone functionality, necessitating the jammers to be openly deployed for effective security. This ensures visibility and security for all participants, mitigating any attempts to record conversations without consent.

Enhanced Security for Open Environments:

Deploying our jammers openly ensures comprehensive security for all participants, maintaining the integrity of discussions without compromise. Proper placement guarantees 100% efficacy in jamming, providing peace of mind and confidentiality in boardrooms, meeting spaces, or public areas. Our jammers offer reliable protection against unauthorized recordings, fostering an environment of trust and confidentiality.

The Firefly represents a miniaturized version of the Cicada. It features 13 transducers, compared to the 39 in the Cicada, making it ideal for discrete counter-surveillance. The Firefly's versatility and convenience make it perfect for securing smaller spaces, close proximity targets (up to 5 mobile devices placed around the unit), or maintaining discretion in various settings, it is a perfect contender for securing sensitive conversations and meetings on-the-go.

Differential Gain Control (DGC) Mechanism: Just like Cicada, the Firefly incorporates the sophisticated Differential Gain Control (DGC) mechanism within its hardware, powered by individual drivers for each of the 13 transducers. This technology amplifies the transmission power of ultrasonic waves, systematically disabling every microphone within electronic devices, effectively thwarting unauthorized recordings that cannot be reverse engineered even by audio forensic software.

Firefly Technical Specifications:

  • Model: 1 base model with 13 ultrasonic emitters/13 individual drivers
  • Aesthetic Options: Model 1: All black emitters/Black Nylon body/Black Nylon lid/No visible external status LEDs or lights. Model 2: All black emitters/Black Nylon body/Translucent lid with visible status LED and OLED Display.
  • Jamming Capability: Neutralizes microphones within a range of up to 2-5 meters (or more).
  • Time to full Charge: 3 hours.
  • Battery voltage: 3.7 V.
  • Charge Voltage: 5 V.
  • Battery Life: 3 hours.
  • Ultrasonic Interference angle (per Transducer): 90°.
  • Dimensions: 165x90x40mm

Key Features:

  • Advanced dual-wave Ultrasonic Microphone Jamming technology.
  • Activation via external switch.
  • Rechargeable 8,000 mAh battery.
  • Internal power/activation status LED.
  • Engineered for near-silent operation with audible wave enhancement.

Primary Purpose: Designed for privacy and security, the Firefly disables microphones and AI "Virtual Assistant" functionalities, ensuring privacy during sensitive conversations.

Limitations and Recommendations:

  • Physics Consideration: Susceptibility varies among different microphone designs.
  • Operational Range: Effective jamming devices more than 3 meters away, subject to microphone type and environment.
  • Surfaces and Materials: Ultrasonic noise may reflect off surfaces and face material penetration limitations.
  • Optimal Deployment: Strategic deployment recommended for larger rooms, maintaining line of sight and proximity between the jammer and the target devices.
  • Compatibility with AI-enabled Devices: Counters a broad spectrum of AI-enabled products, disabling microphone functions with precise targeting.

Interference Intensity:

  • 13 Ultrasonic Emitters × 128-132 dB / (3-5 Meters*) 300 Degree coverage.
  • Acoustic Interference Output: 4W. (*This jamming distance is based on our testing. Users may find, in some instances, they can achieve jamming at a much greater distance with a greater reach, as ultrasonics bounce off each other.)

Safety Precautions:

  • Adhere to safety guidelines for responsible utilization.
  • Avoid water, high humidity, and extreme temperatures.
  • Maintain a safe distance to prevent hearing damage.

Availability and Pricing: Tiered pricing available for multi-unit sales. Contact us for inquiries or custom features.