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We are excited to announce the launch of the HushBox 3.0, which is now available in two size options, offering enhanced versatility and flexibility to cater to your specific requirements. Our latest offering features USB power options, providing seamless usability on-the-go. The HushBox 3.0 is a portable, tactical, and rugged rapid deploy Ultrasonic microphone suppression solution that is designed to effectively prevent unauthorized audio recording through mobile phones, digital recorders, and virtually any electronic device that utilizes a microphone.


The cutting-edge technology of the HushBox 3.0 makes it an ideal solution for security personnel, government agencies, and businesses seeking to safeguard their confidential conversations and intellectual property. We highly recommend placing mobile phones, recording devices, and electronics inside the HushBox cavity before the commencement of any private and sensitive conversations or confidential meetings. Once the devices are securely placed inside, the Ultrasonic Transducer array within the HushBox can be activated through the key-lock switch, or provided remote, effectively suppressing any attempts at unauthorized audio recording during the entire duration of the meeting.

Upon activation, the HushBox will immediately initiate the transmission of inaudible Ultrasonic waves, generating a total of 240W of power across 2 channels via an enhanced version of our Series S Ultrasonic Jammer Array. Due to the physical properties of Ultrasonic waves, which do not pass through hard surfaces, the waves will reverberate within the box and effectively jam any microphone, thereby eliminating the risk of audio intelligence leaks and rendering any unauthorized recordings unusable. It is important to note that audio captured from within the HushBox is unintelligible and cannot be recovered using audio forensic software such as Phonexia, Foenics, Diamond Cut, Cardinal, among others. This feature further enhances the confidentiality and security of any sensitive information discussed within the HushBox, providing peace of mind to individuals and organizations seeking to protect their valuable assets.

The HushBox is designed to drastically minimize the risk of clandestine and unauthorized audio recordings for your business. It can be used for a variety of applications such as interrogation interviews, confidential and privileged meetings, crisis control conferences, board meetings, and any other private and sensitive conversations. The HushBox can also be left open to effectively jam AI/Smart devices in any room.

The HushBox is a lockable device that comes with a key-lock safety switch activated by remote activation. It is portable and comes with plug-in and battery-powered options. It has an operating temperature of -30°C~55°C and features 2 channel (L&R) and 240/320 Watts Power Output (120/160W/channel). It is waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-resistant.

For custom build options not listed here, please contact us. The HushBox operates via an internal 9V battery and V3.0 now comes with a USB option already integrated, which offers USB-powered use for extended operating times. At your high-level meetings, the HushBox 3.0 provides the high-level protection your business deserves.