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The Case: Elevating Anti-Recording Technology

*In addition to being a standalone Countersurveillance Jammer, the inception of The Case was driven by the necessity for embassies and high-security zones to implement a solution facilitating the secure deposit of mobile and electronic devices within a sizeable container, cohabitating with The Case jammer. Once activated, The Case inundates this designated container with an extensive array of ultrasonic waves, employing our sophisticated Differential Gain Control (DGC) mechanism embedded in its state-of-the-art hardware. This mechanism precisely assigns distinct gain coefficients to signals across various frequency bands, effectively amplifying transmission power and enhancing overall performance. These waves disable every microphone within each electronic device, thus preventing unauthorized recordings, even through background applications.

Crafted with precision using an HP Jet Fusion 5200 with PA12-HP Nylon Resin, The Case exemplifies a dedication to detailed design, highlighted by a sand-blasted finish. Encased within a robust housing, it seamlessly integrates aesthetics with functionality. Specifically engineered to counteract unauthorized recordings or video attempts on a broader scale, The Case is a robust jammer that balances portability and power. Equipped with 75 front-facing transducers, it ensures a resilient and expansive focal beam. The Case offers versatile deployment options, whether standing upright or oriented on its back, releasing disruptive ultrasonic waves into spaces. Notably, this jammer can also be employed to create a significantly larger custom HushBox, a container that disables microphones with 100% efficacy, accommodating dozens of mobile phones within an expanded enclosure of your choice. 

Operational Strength:

The Case harnesses a formidable array of 75 front-facing transducers, providing an exceptionally strong and wide focal beam. This configuration guarantees unmatched performance in countering unauthorized recordings or intrusive video attempts. The Case's focal beam is not only intense but also versatile, effectively jamming audio, especially video-audio recorded by mobile devices and sophisticated microphones used in high-end video recording equipment.

Key Features:

  • Portable and Stylish: Enclosed within a rugged case, the jammer can be effortlessly carried with the adjustable strap, ensuring on-the-go protection.
  • Advanced Transducer Array: With 75 front-facing transducers, the Case offers a powerful and expansive focal beam to counter unauthorized recordings effectively.
  • Remote Control: Activated effortlessly through a surface-mounted chrome switch or wirelessly via remote control, ensuring convenient operation.
  • Extended Power on the Go: Powered by a 36,000 mAh rechargeable battery array (Magnetic Charging), the Case ensures an extended runtime. It also features an internal OLED battery display indicator for real-time monitoring.
  • Multi-Device Activation: Multiple Cases can operate in unison on the same remote, allowing simultaneous activation for enhanced coverage.

Deployment Options:

The Case's flexibility is versatile as it can be deployed either standing upright or oriented on its back, flooding spaces or containers with disruptive ultrasonic waves.

Noise Level:

The Case intentionally creates an audible wave to enhance its jamming sweep's ability. This intentional audibility makes its signal resistant to reverse engineering in post-processing software. Waves from each transducer, totaling 75, contribute to a harmonious yet powerful audio presence.

Primary Purpose:

Privacy and Security: The Case is purposefully designed to disable microphones and audio recording equipment during sensitive and confidential meetings by neutralizing microphones contained within electronic devices by means of Ultrasonic Jamming.

Limitations and Recommendations:

  • Physics Consideration: Variations in susceptibility may be observed among different microphone designs, impacting the jammer's effectiveness.
  • Operational Range: The Case is effective in jamming devices more than 20 meters away, with the specific distance influenced by the microphone type and deployment environment.
  • Surfaces and Materials: Ultrasonic noise may experience reflections off surfaces and encounter limitations in penetrating certain materials.
  • Optimal Deployment: For larger rooms, strategic deployment of multiple devices enhances the countermeasure against potential eavesdropping activities. Comprehensive testing is recommended, especially in very large meeting rooms and offices.

Compatibility with AI-enabled Devices:

The Case effectively counters a broad spectrum of AI-enabled products, disabling microphone functions with 100% efficacy when precisely targeted.

Technical Specifications:

  • Interference Intensity: 75 Ultrasonic Emitters × 128-132 dB / (~20 Meters or more*) Operational range may vary based on environmental conditions.
  • Weight: 3.7lb (1.7kg)
  • Dimensions: 24cm x 22cm x 8cm

Safety Precautions:

Adherence to the following safety precautions is crucial for responsible and secure utilization of the Case:

  • Avoid contact with water and areas of high humidity.
  • Safeguard the device from dripping and splashing water.
  • Refrain from using the device in areas with extreme temperatures.
  • Exercise caution to avoid installing the device near heat sources.
  • Steer clear of contact with parts that conduct electricity.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the device to prevent potential hearing damage. Prolonged use at high volume may result in hearing impairment.

The Case marks a significant leap in anti-recording technology, providing a seamless blend of portability, style, and unparalleled effectiveness against unauthorized recordings and intrusive eavesdropping devices. For inquiries or custom features, please feel free to contact us.