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*Please Note: Some Pictured Crickets are Bespoke models only, This listing is for Crickets that have been sand-blasted & printed with precision using an HP Jet Fusion 5200 with 3201PAF Nylon Resin.

Point, Place & Jam
Cricket Jammers boast exceptional quality & are constructed with precision. These innovative Jammers have been meticulously designed to be compact, resilient, and adaptable. Additionally, we have taken aesthetics into careful consideration, ensuring that all Cricket Jammers feature an elegant all-black design with a refined sand-blasted finish.

We are dedicated to fulfilling orders as swiftly as possible, manufacturing these Jammers in batches of 75. It is essential to note that our current inventory is limited, with the next production batch currently already in progress, if you miss an opportunity to place an order for this batch you may secure a Cricket on the next. Shipments of the current batch of Cricket Jammers is scheduled to begin on Friday, September 29th.

The Cricket Jammer is an advanced 1x Transducer dual-wave Ultrasonic Microphone Jammer, capable of emitting simultaneous stacked waves—Sinusoidal and Square waves. This innovative dual-wave approach generates an exceptionally effective jamming signal, engineered to effectively disrupt the microphone and VA operation of the new iPhone 15, as well as virtually any other microphone integrated into various electronic devices. The jammer is seamlessly integrated into a compact, pocketable tactical enclosure. The entire unit is meticulously crafted through 3D printing, utilizing premium Nylon resin, ensuring both flexibility and durability.

Activation of the Cricket Jammers is facilitated through a top-side LED-illuminated chrome latch switch. These devices are equipped with an internal Li-Ion rechargeable 9V battery (provided) for operation. A single Li-Ion 9V battery offers extended operational hours for the Cricket Jammers.

One of the standout features of this innovative jamming device is the built-in amplifier and wave generator. These enhancements significantly elevate the output of both ultrasonic wave patterns, amplifying the effectiveness of the Cricket Jammers in disrupting and disabling microphones and AI assistant devices.

The primary purpose of this jammer is to ensure privacy and security by neutralizing microphones and AI "Virtual Assistant" functionalities of YOUR personal devices. They are particularly useful in scenarios where sensitive conversations or meetings take place, mitigating the risk of potential eavesdropping or unauthorized recordings from background apps. Unlike other conventional "white noise" technologies, our Ultrasonic waves provide a highly effective disruption method, rendering microphones inert, this is accomplished by sweeping a range of ultrasonic frequencies thousands of times a second, each model we offer operates this way.

It is important to note that single transducer jammers are intended for close proximity use in order to achieve 100% jamming, strategically placed near the target device within several inches or directly on the device's microphone, this method will ensure the target device is completely jammed. Following this deployment method will guarantee jamming of the target device.

This jammer will work against a wide range of AI-enabled products, including Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, Echo, Sonos, and various vehicle smart assistants. Whether it be smartphones, smart devices, or even vehicles equipped with AI, these jammers can effectively disable their microphone functions with 100% efficacy if targeted correctly. You can test this by prompting the AI device with its wake command until it no longer is able to respond or “hear” you. If you disable a single microphone, you will disable all other microphones in a system that is relying on multiple listening features to operate.

Although the Cricket is a silent Jammer, it is emitting upwards of 103dB of ultrasonics, do not point at persons/pets.