Ultra High Frequency & Very High Frequency Acoustic Surveillance Transmitters.

This collection features miniature, manufacturer-programmable UHF analog voice transmitters. The frequency band of operation is 397-434 MHz with a nominal output power level of 20-50 mW. The frequency channels are programmable via a microprocessor and phase-lock loop synthesizer. The frequency programming is a means for TinyTx to provide custom, fixed frequency transmitters, while maintaining a common hardware platform. The devices are offered as fixed-frequency, fixed-power units. Ultra High Frequency surveillance devices can broadcast real-time audio of their surroundings for extended periods of time. Surveillance transmitters can be received using any radio capable of tuning into the UHF/VHF band. Our product range includes transmitters that can operate for anywhere between 30 to 300 hours of continuous audio surveillance. If you require any transmitter to broadcast on the VHF band, please let us know. Custom transmitters are available through our contact form.

All Transmitters have been upgraded with revised PCB's and components that allow them to operate with greater performance. Most notably, we are now using gallium arsenide junction semi-conductors, to provide more range than any other UHF transmitter in the world. Moreover, the "aluminum-can" crystals have been swapped with a new state of the art glass-sealed ceramic crystal that offers superior performance in harsh environments and extended range, the antennas have been replaced with a new Alpha Wire micro-coaxial 38AWG whip, an upgradeable Knowles ultra-sensitive microphone has also been added to all transmitters. These changes and improvements are based on valuable feedback from our clients and have allowed us to offer a series of products much more suited for the environments they are being deployed in.