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Up For Grabs, 1 available. This is a one of a kind fully functional Audio Surveillance Transmitter, housed and built into a machined steel pod. The internal transmitter is a 16mw V1TX with an upgraded waterproof highly dynamic microphone, offering excellent audio clarity and pickup sensitivity. Apart from the quartz crystal that ensures stable transmission, the overall EMF interference is extremely minimal due to the steel housing, making this transmitter super stable. The housing separates by twisting the top half counter-clockwise, a CR2032 battery retainer is permanently installed, a single button cell battery will run this transmitter for approximately 35 hours continuously. The steel pod also has a recessed microphone, as this transmitter is also intended to be placed against walls for capturing and transmitting acoustics, the recessed cavity forms a tight seal on any wall it is placed against, allowing the microphone to sit flush and capture audio unidirectionally. This transmitter can also capture ambient audio omnidirectionally if placed on its back.