We Can Design For Your Needs.

TinyTx designs and manufactures Audio Surveillance Transmitters and counter surveillance jammers for every need. We have engineered covert surveillance transmitters embedded in flowers, keyboards, picture frames, oil paintings, mirrors, decorative office artifacts and furniture, all of which serve one purpose, to offer remote audio surveillance of subjects and areas of interest.

Likewise for TSCM needs, we have catered speech & privacy protection solutions for small, medium, and large businesses & organizations, from on-person, boardroom, office, and vehicle jammers to ceiling mounted variations for large meeting rooms. 

There is nothing we cannot turn into a surveillance or counter surveillance device which will suit your needs. Please Contact Us to inquire.

Your inquiry will be handled with the utmost regard for discretion. Do not contact us from any device or account which you suspect is being monitored or may be compromised.

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Stay Safe.