Clever Fox.

Welcome to your next mission.

Somewhere in Ottawa, we have hidden a state of the art audio transmitter. This transmitter will be broadcasting 24/7 and is programmed to begin transmitting as of 9am Tuesday August 24th 2021.

The transmitter is going to be broadcasting 3 tracks on a 24/7 loop for 167 hours straight. Those 3 tracks are:

1. An encoded message (Morse).

2. Nocturne No.20 in C# minor.

3. Theme music from your favorite galaxy.

The rules are simple:

Record the incoming audio of any of the three tracks being transmitted and you will receive $50. You must provide video proof.

If you FIND the transmitter, you will receive another $50.

If you translate/decode the morse audio message, you'll get to keep the transmitter on top of the $100.

You MUST register below to receive a hint as to where exactly you should begin your search and which frequency we are transmitting on.

Please remember to stay safe by keeping in mind all current public health recommendations regarding C19, Now get out there and have some fun.