Info + Pricing for GPS Asset Tracker (Pre-Orders)

The first 30 GPS Asset trackers will begin shipping out next week. Pre-orders are now ready to be taken. Please keep in mind you are receiving a subscription-free asset tracker with zero contracts and obligations all the while receiving true GPS location data almost every hour (or more) for the entirety of the trackers life.

We are offering two models:

  1. North America Tracking.
  2. Global/World-Wide Tracking.

Our asset tracking devices are taking a different approach to what is commonly found on the market, because our trackers are purposely built to provide the longest operating time in the field and created initially for wildlife research, they only collect and upload their position/GPS location when the on-board accelerometer detects motion within periods of 60-720 minutes (configurable at time of purchase), also included for peace of mind is a “heartbeat” feature which forces the tracker to check in every 1-12 hours regardless if motion is detected or not (this is configured at time of purchase and will determine your trackers battery discharge rate), we are also leveraging some sensors on the tracker to provide ambient temperature data (relative to the tracker) alongside every GPS update.

we are using the latest GPS modules from Quectel, these are near real-time trackers, you will know the upload schedule of the heartbeat request and be able to tune-in for immediate location view in real-time, uploads of GPS positions are populated instantly on your portal dashboard.

So, if the asset is in motion using the variables above, a very precise GPS location will be requested and populated on a map for you to view every hour, it will then provide another update 60 minutes after that only if motion is detected (even slight motion/vibration), if motion is not detected (for example, an asset has been stolen and transported to another location in under an hour) the heartbeat request will automatically boot and fetch a GPS fix every hour regardless, this pattern continues on a loop cycle.

NA (GPS Tracking North-America Wide): Position updates every 60-720 min (when motion is detected) + forced GPS location fetch every 60-720 minutes regardless if motion is detected or not.

GLOBAL (Worldwide tracking): Position updates every 60-720 min (when motion is detected) + forced GPS location fetch every 60-720 minutes regardless if motion is detected or not.

GPS trackers with the above coverage are offered in two options, rechargeable battery-operated and non-rechargeable battery-operated, rechargeable trackers are using a 6000mAh rechargeable battery, this will allow you to operate the device for a considerable amount of time before needing to be recharged.

Non-rechargeable trackers (used primarily for wildlife tracking) are using a 20Ah Tadiran Battery and offer periods of use extending 400 days with no need for a charge, these trackers will need to be sent in for a battery swap for a small fee.

Purchase options & Pre-Order Price:

North America Coverage + Rechargeable 3000mAh (3Ah) battery: $400.00

North America Coverage + Rechargeable 10,000mAh (10Ah) battery: $450.00

Global Coverage + Rechargeable 3000mAh (3Ah) battery: $450.00

Global Coverage + Rechargeable 10,000mAh (10Ah) battery: $500.00

Remember, these are one time fees with no subscription, contract, monthly fees. Your tracker will provide true GPS location updates at no additional cost. 


NA Coverage + Tadiran 20Ah battery + Built in VHF telemetry Tracker: $700.00

Global Coverage + Tadiran 20Ah battery + Built in VHF Telemetry Tracker: $750.00

Battery swaps for redeployments: $100.00

Tracking your assets post deployment is very simple, simply log in to our GPS client portal using the information provided to you at purchase and you will have access to your trackers 24/7, a native IOS/android app is being developed for offline use and will be available soon. If you have several assets to track (1-500) they can all be ported to your dashboard without issue and organized individually or by project(s).

To purchase or ask questions please message us on our Instagram @tinytransmitters or email us directly using our contact form. Pricing options are available for multiple units, if you need more frequent gps updates for your assets please let us know, we can accommodate your request.